Mas-Wrestling World Absolute Championship

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General management of preparation and conducting the Mas-Wrestling World Absolute Championship among men within the framework of the International ethnocultural festival “NOMAD UNIVERSE” is implied on the World Ethnosport Confederation, International Mas-Wrestling Federation, State Institution of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) “Vasily Manchaary Republican Center of National Sports”.

Immediate conducting of the championship is implied on the Chief Referee Board approved by the International Mas-Wrestling Federation.


Allowed to participate athletes aged of 18 (age determines on the very day of competition), passed medical examination and permitted to engage in power sports by the personal invitation of the International Mas-Wrestling Federations.

All athletes are obliged to compete in sports uniform according to the Mas-Wrestling international rules – Mas-Wrestling shorts below knee, red or blue (according to drawing).

Participants are obliged to compete in sports shoes without spikes with soft sole.

Allowed to use:

- special belts with width not exceed 10 cm;

- knee and elbow pads with width no more than 30 cm.

- elbow pads;

- sport taping;

- supporting and fixing equipment;

- grip aids without tacky composition in powder (magnesia, rosin) form and liquid magnesia.

Outside the competition participants must wear the national dress of the country they represent.


Participation in the competitions is subject to the presence of the original copy of an insurance agreement: insurance from accidents and of life and health, which is presented to the Credentials Committee by each participant.

Insurance of participants of the Championship is financed at the account of the delegating organizations.


Competitions are individual and held according to the acting rules of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation by the system with elimination after 2 (two) defeats, with division into groups “A” and “B”:

In the first round the pairs are formed according to drawing. The athletes who won their matches continue to compete in group “A” up to getting into the final, defeated ones continue to compete in group “B” and have the right to bout only for the third place. If in group “B” are left only two athletes who were earlier meet each other in group “A”, then they are given repeated bout for the third place. All athletes who have defeated 2 (two) times leave competitions. In case of odd number of athletes, the athlete who has the last number in drawing becomes free in this round and in the next coming round of competition goes to the top of the competition table and compete from the red side of platform.

Weight category is Absolute (minimal weight of an athlete should be 100 kg).

The final results (protocols) on paper and electronic form should be given to the International Mas-Wrestling Federation in 2 (two) weeks after the event is over.

Depending on the number of participants, a change in the system of the competition is possible.


Athletes who win 1st-3rd places in competition are awarded with medals, diplomas, and prize money.


Competitions to be held in sport buildings, agreeable to the standards of corresponding standard rules of law, functioning in the territory of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and directed to provide public order and safety of participants and spectators, in the presence of acts of operational readiness of sports buildings for the activities, approved in the prescribed order.

Qualified medical personnel should present in the competition venue.


International Mas-Wrestling Federation and State Institution of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) “Vasily Manchaary Republican Center of National Sports” provide equity participation in financing of the Championship.

Expenditures for preparation of the competition venue, purchase of sports equipment, travel costs, accommodation, meals and internal transfer of organizers, athletes and coaches are provided by the Camel Club.


Delegations, which are needed VISA for entrance and stay on the territory of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, should submit until December 14, 2018 to the organizer for VISA a list of participants with their full name, gender, passport numbers (as well as date of issuance and expiration date), date of birth, scanned copy of the first informative page of their passports.


Preliminary applications to participate in the Championship (with the indication number of athletes, coaches and representatives) should be submitted until December 14, 2018:

- Russian Federation, Yakutsk, Kirov st., 20/1, International Mas-Wrestling Federation, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Nominal applications should be submitted to the Registration and Admission Commission on the day of arrival. Participant must present passport and original insurance agreement from the accident to the Registration and Admission Commission. Insurance of participants of the Championship is financed at the account of the delegating organizations. 

These Regulations – official invitation to the competition

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